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Subject CodeSubject TitleAcademic YearTermExamination Session
42012Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing1996 / 1997SecondExamination
42012Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing1997 / 1998SecondExamination
42017Advanced Data Communications1997 / 1998FirstExamination
42017Advanced Data Communications1996 / 1997FirstExamination
42043Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement1997 / 1998SecondExamination
42003Computer Organisation, Architecture and Interfacing1997 / 1998SecondExamination
42045Consumer Electronics1997 / 1998FirstExamination
42004Data Communications1997 / 1998SecondExamination
42028Digital Data Transmission1997 / 1998SecondExamination
42029Digital Image Processing1997 / 1998FirstExamination
42041Digital Signal Processing1997 / 1998FirstExamination
42041Digital Signal Processing1996 / 1997FirstExamination
42014Digital Signal Processing - Computational Algorithms and Realisation1996 / 1997SecondExamination
42030EMI and EMC in Electronic Circuit and System Design1996 / 1997SecondExamination
42019Fuzzy Logic Control Systems1997 / 1998SecondExamination
42036High Speed Network1996 / 1997SecondExamination
42005Integrated Services Digital Networks1996 / 1997FirstExamination
45005Mechatronics1997 / 1998FirstExamination
42006Microprocessor and Microcomputer Control1997 / 1998SecondExamination
42031Mobile Radio Communications1997 / 1998FirstExamination