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Subject CodeSubject TitleAcademic YearTermExamination Session
21001Accounting for Engineers1996 / 1997FirstExamination
21001Accounting for Engineers1997 / 1998FirstExamination
42012Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing1996 / 1997SecondExamination
42012Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing1997 / 1998SecondExamination
42001Advanced Computer Control1996 / 1997SecondExamination
42017Advanced Data Communications1997 / 1998FirstExamination
42017Advanced Data Communications1996 / 1997FirstExamination
43011Advanced Heat Transfer and Applications1996 / 1997FirstExamination
43011Advanced Heat Transfer and Applications1997 / 1998FirstExamination
43009Advanced Maintenance Technology1997 / 1998FirstExamination
43009Advanced Maintenance Technology1996 / 1997FirstExamination
41001Alternative Energy Technologies1996 / 1997FirstExamination
41001Alternative Energy Technologies1997 / 1998FirstExamination
45009Auditing and Registration of Quality Systems1997 / 1998SecondExamination
45001Automated Assembly1997 / 1998SecondExamination
45001Automated Assembly1996 / 1997SecondExamination
45002Automation Systems Design and Implementation1996 / 1997FirstExamination
95712Bioelectric Potentials1996 / 1997FirstExamination
42043Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement1997 / 1998SecondExamination
95713Biomedical Signal Processing1996 / 1997SecondExamination