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Subject CodeSubject TitleAcademic YearTermExamination Session
MM4151Gender and Organizations2014 / 2015SecondExamination
MM4151Gender and Organizations2015 / 2016SecondExamination
MM4342Global Business Management2015 / 2016FirstExamination
MM4342Global Business Management2014 / 2015SecondExamination
MM4342Global Business Management2016 / 2017FirstExamination
MM4342Global Business Management2017 / 2018FirstExamination
MM4342Global Business Management2018 / 2019FirstExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2013 / 2014FirstExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2014 / 2015FirstExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2015 / 2016FirstExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2015 / 2016ThirdExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2016 / 2017FirstExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2017 / 2018FirstExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2017 / 2018SecondExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2018 / 2019FirstExamination
AF2602Global Economic Environment2018 / 2019SecondExamination
AF3210Hong Kong Tax Framework2014 / 2015FirstExamination
AF3210Hong Kong Tax Framework2014 / 2015SecondExamination
MM3111Human Resource Management2016 / 2017FirstExamination
MM3111Human Resource Management2013 / 2014SecondExamination