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Subject CodeSubject TitleAcademic YearTermExamination Session
61045Advanced Object-oriented Design and C++ Programming1996 / 1997SecondExamination
61048Advanced Topics in Software Engineering1997 / 1998SecondExamination
61001Artificial Intelligence - I1996 / 1997FirstExamination
61050Computer Architecture1997 / 1998FirstExamination
61051Computer Communication Networks1997 / 1998FirstExamination
61023Computer Image Generation and Applications1997 / 1998FirstExamination
61023Computer Image Generation and Applications1996 / 1997FirstExamination
61003Database Systems1996 / 1997FirstExamination
61003Database Systems1997 / 1998FirstExamination
61034Distributed Computing1997 / 1998FirstExamination
61034Distributed Computing1996 / 1997FirstExamination
61035Distributed Database1997 / 1998FirstExamination
61035Distributed Database1996 / 1997FirstExamination
61037Information Network Management1996 / 1997SecondExamination
61037Information Network Management1997 / 1998SecondExamination
61004Information Systems Analysis and Design1996 / 1997SecondExamination
61052Intelligent Business Computing1997 / 1998SecondExamination
61026Internetworking Protocols and Software1996 / 1997FirstExamination
61026Internetworking Protocols and Software1997 / 1998FirstExamination
61022Management Information Systems1997 / 1998SecondExamination