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Subject CodeSubject TitleAcademic YearTermExamination Session
23984Health Services Management1995 / 1996FirstExamination
23979Health Services Planning and Evaluation1995 / 1996SecondExamination
23018Human Resource Management1995 / 1996FirstExamination
23017International Business1995 / 1996FirstExamination
22010Legal Environment for Management1995 / 1996FirstExamination
Subject Code UnknownManagement Accounting; Financial Management1992 / 1993First/SecondExamination
61022Management Information Systems1995 / 1996SecondExamination
23993Management of Change1995 / 1996SecondExamination
23025Management of Pay and Benefits1995 / 1996FirstExamination
22002Managing Customers and Markets1995 / 1996FirstExamination
21002Managing Finance1995 / 1996FirstExamination
23001Managing Operation Systems1995 / 1996FirstExamination
23003Managing Organisations1995 / 1996SecondExamination
23015Managing People1995 / 1996FirstExamination
22993Marketing Strategy1995 / 1996SecondExamination
23987Organisational Behaviour and Development1995 / 1996FirstExamination
23016Political Environment for Management1995 / 1996SecondExamination
23004Public Administration in Hong Kong1995 / 1996FirstExamination
23986Public Policy Analysis1995 / 1996SecondExamination
23010Public Sector Management1995 / 1996FirstExamination