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Subject CodeSubject TitleAcademic YearTermExamination Session
Subject Code UnknownManagement; Cost Studies; Development Economics; Measurement1988 / 1989First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManagement; Estate Agency; Valuation1988 / 1989First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManagement; Law1989 / 1990First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManagement; Marine Insurance; Commerce and Law; Coastal Navigation1994 / 1995First/SecondRe-examination
Subject Code UnknownManagement; Measurement and Documentation1989 / 1990First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManpower Management; Hospitality Management; Financial Management1989 / 1990First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManufacturing and Production Technology; Air-conditioning and Refrigeration; Thermofluid Mechanics1987 / 1988First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManufacturing Management and Planning; Quality Assurance Management1991 / 1992First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManufacturing Technology; Electronic Technology; Analysis of Forming Processes1978 / 1979First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManufacturing Technology; Mathematics1979 / 1980First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManufacturing Technology; Mechanics of Materials; Quality and Reliability1987 / 1988First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownManufacturing Technology; Press Tool Construction and Materials1977 / 1978First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownMapping and Plotting; Cartographic and Survey Assignment; Hydrographic Surveying; Engineering Surveying; Cadastral Surveying1983 / 1984First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownMapping and Plotting; Construction Drawing; Science1978 / 1979First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownMapping; Photogrammetry; Survey Adjustment; Mathematics; Computing for Digital Mapping; Geodetic Control; Survey Adjustment; Geographical Studies; Surveying and Mapping; Cartography1992 / 1993First/SecondRe-examination
Subject Code UnknownMapping; Survey Adjustment; Aerial Surveying; Cartographic Data Processing; Construction Technology; Cartography; Surveying1991 / 1992First/SecondRe-examination
Subject Code UnknownMarine Electrotechnology; Applied Thermodynamics; Marine Electrotechnology1990 / 1991First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownMarine Engineering and Systems; Material Science and Technology1984 / 1985First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownMarine Technology; Electronic Applications; Mcroprocessors; Heavy Current Electrical Applications; Ship Knowledge1988 / 1989First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownMaritime Transport; Physical Distribution Management1991 / 1992First/SecondExamination