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Subject CodeSubject TitleAcademic YearTermExamination Session
Subject Code UnknownQuantity Surveying1994 / 1995First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownQuantity Surveying1992 / 1993First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRadio and Line Transmission; Computer Engineering; Electronic and Television Engineering; Electronic Technology; Communication Systems and Microwave Engineering1973 / 1976First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRadio Communication; Communication and Navigational Aid1977 / 1978First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRadiographic Technique1992 / 1993First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRadiographic Technique1987 / 1988First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRadiographic Technique1988 / 1989First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRadiographic Technique; Equipment1986 / 1987First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRadiographic Technique; Radiographic Photography; Anatomy1987 / 1988First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRaw Materials; Statistics and Textile Testing; Textile Mechanics; Fashion Design; Electrical Technology; Clothing Machinery and Maintenance; Spinning Theory1971 / 1975First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownReal Estate1993 / 1994First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownReal Estate1994 / 1995First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownReal-time computing Concepts; Accounting and Financial Management1978 / 1979First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownReal-time computing Concepts; Accounting and Financial Management1978 / 1979First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRecent Developments in Vision Science1992 / 1993First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRecent Developments in Visual Science1993 / 1994First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRefrigeration Engineering; Electrical Services1986 / 1987First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownResearch Methodology and Statistics; Mechanics of Living Tissues and Systems1993 / 1994First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownResidential Care Services and Practice; Control and Related Issues; Human Growth and Behavior; Social Policy and Social Services; Services for Young people; Rehabilitation Service; Curriculum Design and Development; Administration and Management of Child Care Centres1987 / 1988First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownRock Engineering; Physical and Mathematical Modelling in Transportation Engineering1986 / 1987First/SecondExamination