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Subject CodeSubject TitleAcademic YearTermExamination Session
Subject Code UnknownTransmission and Measurement of Signals; Plant and Process Control; Meterology; Shipboard Operations1989 / 1990First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownTransport1975 / 1976First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownTransport; English and Communication; Physical Distribution Management; Secretarial Duties; Secretarial Duties / Office Organisation; General Principles of Law1977 / 1978First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownTransport; The Control and Organization of Transport; Management Accounting and Finance1978 / 1979First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownTypewriting; Accounting; Human Relations1978 / 1979First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownTypewriting; Economic Studies1978 / 1979First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownTypewriting; Secretarial Duties and Office Organisation; Human Relations1986 / 1987First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownTypewriting; Secretarial Duties; Commercial Practice; Translation1987 / 1988First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownUrban and Regional Planning; Legal Studies; Valuation; Measurement; Contractual Procedures; Environmental Science; Building Law, Construction Planning and Control; Building Law; Design Procedures; Professional Practice and Procedures1989 / 1990First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownUse of Computer; Mathematics; Survey Adjustment1989 / 1990First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownUse of Computer; Mathematics; Survey Adjustment; Topographic Studies; Surveying Instrumentation; Topographic Studies; Mathematics1988 / 1989First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownThe Use of Computers; Mathematical Cartography; Field Astronomy; Physical Science; Survey Instrumentation1986 / 1987First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownValuation; Construction Measurement Administration of Contracts1978 / 1979First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownVisual Science; Contact Lens Practice; Geriatric Optometry and Low Vision1989 / 1990First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownWard/Unit Administration1992 / 1993First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownWard/Unit Administration1988 / 1989First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownWard/Unit Administration1990 / 1991First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownWard/Unit Administration1989 / 1990First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownWard/Unit Administration1991 / 1992First/SecondExamination
Subject Code UnknownWard/Unit Administration; Management of Nursing Care1987 / 1988First/SecondExamination